A couple of my officemates (who happen to be a couple) just had a daughter and I have been thinking about giving them a little gift. Last night, I finally figured out what to give them. Do any of you remember the big stuffed “E” in the set of the TV show, FRIENDS? It stood for Emma, Ross and Rachel’s daughter. I always found it very cute and I thought I’d make my own version for my officemates’ daughter, Rhianne Louise. Such a pretty name.

DSC_1078.jpg picture by miwiyam


src=”http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w57/miwiyam/craft%20fillers/DSC_1151copy.jpg?t=1219923516″ alt=”DSC_1151copy.jpg picture by miwiyam” />

1) Trace or draw your letter. The size is entirely up to you but you would want a stuffed letter that you can hang nicely on a wall. Make sure that the pieces are opposites. You don’t want your pen marks to be visible.

DSC_1150.jpg picture by miwiyam

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