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During the long weekend, I

– hung out at U.P. while Uzi finished a painting

– waited four hours for my doctor (3 hours for his arrival and another hour for my number to be called)

– watched You Don’t Mess with the Zohan [funny even though I don’t like most Adam Sandler movies]

– finished ten guitar bags

DSC_1068copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

tagged and ready to be shipped to teena (http://everythingeve.multiply.com)

– cleaned my room

– listened to the rain

– doodled

– underwent another painful medical procedure. i’ll spare you the details. i got myself some embroidery thread and a hoop for my bravery

– shopped online

– finished Alice Hoffman’s Property Of

I got this post idea from artsycraftybabe.typepad.com. I love it. Lists are fun.