I went to SM yesterday to meet up with a customer and run some errands. I tried really hard to just look and not buy any teapot when I got to the kitchenware section of the mall. You see, I bought a really beautiful red teapot a couple of days ago and I had an expensive and spatially problematic notion: I want to collect teapots! Fortunately, SM doesn’t sell individual teapots. They have tea sets. I didn’t buy any because I didn’t want the saucers that came with the teapots. But as I write this post, I have convinced myself that I can purchase the tea sets, keep the pot for myself and give the saucers to anyone who wants them. Such is the incorrigible logic of a compulsive shopper/collector.

I spent a good deal of an hour just looking at the stores and, strangely, being indifferent to the SALE signs on each. Before deciding to go home, I dropped by Powerbooks. They, too, were having a sale. I went in because I have always wanted to check if they have Books 3 and 4 of My Neighbor Totoro.  They don’t. But after a few leisurely scan through the fiction books section, I found myself in front of some shelves with art books and craft books on sale. And that is how I found a copy of Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching. The book was not in pristine condition. I bought it just the same even though I knew I should limit my spending as I will go back to yoga class again tonight.

DSC_0467.jpg picture by miwiyam

The book looks worse for wear, hence, the 70% discount.

 Clearly, I couldn’t say NO to a 70% drop on price from PhP 955. One of the few complaints I have about living in a developing country is that our weak currency makes books such a luxury. All Western-published craft books in our bookstores are sold at prices ranging from PhP 900 to PhP 1, 500. This book, a famous one at that, is a steal at PhP 286.50.


DSC_0468.jpg picture by miwiyam

From 955 to 286.50! And that's pretty Jenny Hart.

One reason I bought the book was that I am trying to be a better photographer. This book’s pictures are wonderful and I’m sure they’ll inspire me to do better.  


DSC_0475.jpg picture by miwiyam

If the first picture won't inspire you to embroider, I don't know what will.

 Another reason is that I think it’s high time I learn to embroider. For someone in the sewing “business,” I happen to suck at handsewing. Besides, I hear that handsewing is a great stress-reliever.


DSC_0473.jpg picture by miwiyam

Kinds of stitches for newbies like me.

Thankfully, the book dedicates several pages to kinds of stitches. This is good because I can’t show off my embroideries if the only stitch I can execute is running stitch.


DSC_0476.jpg picture by miwiyam

Patterns that you can transfer to fabric.

But the best thing about the book are the free iron-on patterns. They’re very cute and simple enough that there is plenty of room to modify them or incorporate my own designs.

Of course, I didn’t leave SM without buying anything tea-related. I’ve started drinking organic tea after four months of no coffee. I love being caffeine-free because I have become less lethargic at work. Go figure. But chamomile tea does calm me. I also like the idea that I am such a proper lady because I drink tea. Ha!


DSC_0480.jpg picture by miwiyam

Won't the tea bag pattern match this new tea cup I bought?