I woke up at five this morning to prepare for something I thought I wouldn’t have any courage or motivation to do. But I surprise myself all the time.

I woke up early to appear on an early morning talk show, GMA’s Buena Mano. Live.

The whole experience was incredible. The studio was freezing but I wasn’t shaking from the chill alone. I believe my whole body was in dangerous overdrive. But when I finally stood in front of the camera, I was strangely calm. I was a “natural,” Ley said. He might be exaggerating, like he always does, but I believe I didn’t look like a total fool on live TV. Even the fact that I looked like a homeless child standing next to the beautifully made-up hosts didn’t faze me.

DSC_9498.jpg picture by miwiyam

Uzi took this nice shot. That’s itty-bitty me explaining something crafty.


 DSC_9497.jpg picture by miwiyam

The nice host holding a guitar bag I made. She’s also wearing on her left wrist one of my button bracelets.


DSC_9511.jpg picture by miwiyam

Outside the GMA studio. Those military guys behind me were guests, too. They are singing soldiers.


Thanks to Nikko, an associate producer of GMA 7. And to Niza and Vanessa, too. If it weren’t for the article they wrote, Nikko wouldn’t have contacted me.