It’s here!!!!!

Several weeks ago, I got a text message from Niza.  She works for Cebu Daily News. She wanted to buy the coffee print zakka tote that I made. I smiled because I always thought that only a call center agent or someone with a demanding job would appreciate the bag. It was a journalist (an editor, to be exact) who did. I’m pretty sure she lives on coffee.

A few days after that, I got an email from one of the paper’s writers, Vanessa. She wanted to interview me about my crafting adventures.

And the feature came out today! I was surprised they published that picture of me being silly in front of Powerbooks.

 cdn1.jpg picture by miwiyam


cdn2.jpg picture by miwiyam

Click here for the PDF file of the page. I suggest you click the link because the layout of the article is just wonderful. In fact, I will not feel bad if you just peek to admire the layout without reading the whole article.
Thanks to Vanessa and Niza!