Last Friday, Uzi and I finally had time to make a dress form. He was in the mood because his class was just playing with papier-mache that morning.

I got the idea here but we did not follow the steps religiously. I let Uzi mummified me his way since, I figured, he must have learned something from Art class that day.

MATERIALS: Tight shirt. Paper tape. Water. Sponge. Electrical tape. Scissors.

materials.jpg picture by miwiyam

All the images I used above are from Google. I did not put an image of a “tight shirt” because the image search yielded inappropriate results.

First, I had to find a tight shirt that I will no longer use. I used this white sleeveless number. It wasn’t that tight but I tucked it in my shorts so that it will conform to my body. I wore a bra. Yes, I cut my hair. Yes, it looks weird. Let’s move on.

DSC_7296.jpg picture by miwiyam

DSC_7295.jpg picture by miwiyam

Read the rest of the tutorial HERE.