1. Turquoise Bead Necklace, 2. greens and blues, 3. My antique Pfaff sewing machine (Back side), 4. __Lovin’_in_All_Stars__, 5. ~maive~, 6. gulping up the seas, 7. Orange as any orange on a tree, 8. Blossom badges, 9. Savory Pain Perdu with Strawberries, 10. wham:a different corner, 11. S’more Souffle, 12. Hugh

The concept:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

The Questions:
1. first craft project you remember
2. common color of your finished projects
3. what craft tool do you use the most?
4. who do you always craft with?
5. what craft do you want to learn next?
6. what craft you wish you can do well but you’re just hopelessly terrible at?
7. what project are you working on right now?
8. what craft material can you never live without?
9. favorite TV show to watch while crafting?
10. favorite drink (to drink) while crafting? 
11. favorite food to eat while crafting?
12.  what is the best thing about handmade items (one adjective)?

[So I made the questions myself. Coz it’s been a slow day. If you want to play along, you can.]