Here is what was waiting for me on Monday when I came home from work:

bagladynecklace3.jpg picture by miwiyam

bagladynecklace2.jpg picture by miwiyam

Goodies all the way from Europe! This was a prize I had won on Cutout+Keep for my guitar bag tutorial. I was informed that I was the winner last March but, apparently, shipping to my part of the world takes three months. Which makes eating the lollipop that came with the prize a not-so-appealing idea.  Cutout+Keep is a website loaded with craft tutorials and inspiration. If you’re still not a member, you must sign up.

The necklace I won is very cute. I love the lady with her bags and coat dress. This is the first thing that I won from the Internet and I will treasure it as long as I live. Seriously. It came from Pink Ribbon Boutique, the online store of Cutout+Keep’s head moderator, Cat Morley

bagladynecklace1.jpg picture by miwiyam


Thanks Cat and Cutout+Keep!