I had to go to the mall early today because I had to buy a waste basket. When I rearranged (only the 2nd time this year, mind you) my room the other night, the computer table ended up against the wall opposite my sewing area. The old waste basket, of course, went with the computer table. It was impractical to stand up every time I had to get rid of some sewing trash while I craft.

And since the homeware section is on the same floor as the fabric section of the department store, I found myself crouching on the floor and pulling pieces from the Japanese fabric sale pile in no time. I found these:

coffeecardsfabric.jpg picture by miwiyam

Coffee cups print for me and four suits print for Uzi. Why? Well, there’s this, and this, and this.  I made a zakka-ish tote out of the coffee cups fabric. It turned out cute, I think.

coffeetime.jpg picture by miwiyam