Our high school uniform had a thin ribbon (blue for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and pink for Wednesdays) by the neckline. It was easy to lose the ribbons because they were removable. Seeing that I had Sewing for Home Ec during my junior and senior years, some of my classmates would ask me to sew a ribbon when they were too lazy to think where they lost theirs.

vintagehighschool.jpg picture by miwiyam

Vintage picture! Aww, I miss my old room. Wonder what happened to my sister’s paintings and my doodles. There is one of a naked lady but it wasn’t included in this pic. Hee. And no, our ceiling wasn’t low. This was the upper part of a bunk bed.


Making the ribbon is just like making a strap for a dress. A reader asked me how to make straps after she read my post on making a circular skirt. This is actually pretty easy but I understand how it can be frustrating for beginners. The trick is to use a thin but durable stick for turning the strap inside out. “Use broomstick stick,” our sewing teacher once said. Of course, you have to use the upper, clean part. I use the handle of a paintbrush or a pencil.

It’s a bit like steps 3 and 4 of making a yoga mat bag. The only difference is that you’d be working with much smaller pieces. Here is a Paint illustration for a more detailed explanation.


1. Measure your strap’s length. Then measure the width of your strap and multiply by two. Cut your fabric and don’t forget allowances. Fold in the middle (where the green line is).

1-3.jpg picture by miwiyam


2. Fold in the middle, right sides together. Sew along the red line. So, you’d sew one end, and the long side.

2-2.jpg picture by miwiyam


3. Now, using a pen, pencil (but not the part with the ballpoint or graphite because you’d end up with a hole), or anything thin, long, and durable, push the part where I drew an arrow. The whole idea is to turn your strap inside out.

3-3.jpg picture by miwiyam


4. Flatten your strap and top stitch (red line). Make sure to pin all over before stitching so that your strap will flatten nicely. You can skip this step if you don’t want a flat strap. Some dresses have straps that look like spaghetti.


4-3.jpg picture by miwiyam

DONE. Oh, make another strap following the same instructions.