The Philippines is a largely Catholic country, thanks to more than three centuries of Spanish colonization. It has been more than a hundred years since we gained our independence but it would take another three centuries or more of foreign rule to erase any hint of Spanish in our culture. It’s in our blood; it’s in the way most of us shuffle to churches every Sunday.

But religion, no matter where you got it, has a way of penetrating into the roots of how a person lives his life. It can be a prevalent influence of the way a nation exists. I am not a religious person but I am still fascinated with everything related to Catholic festivities.

Last Saturday, Uzi took me to a fiesta in the place where he grew up. We were just in time for the parade of saints. The kids dressed up as saints and went around two blocks in their rented gowns, homemade crowns, and insanely thick make-up.


DSC_6679.jpg picture by miwiyam

Too Tired to Party

DSC_6677.jpg picture by miwiyam

St. Anthony and His Friends

kidsfiestabig.jpg picture by miwiyam


Joan of Arc. This is Uzi’s niece. He took this great picture, too.

JoanofArcsmall--.jpg picture by miwiyam

One can point out obvious historical facts and say that this tradition is not truly Filipino. True, but we have added our own flair to it.  There are many things wrong with this country but this parade, among other little things, make living here a regular party.