Last Saturday, Uzi and I watched Sex and the City. I knew that he would rather have finished Horton Hears A Who with his nephews and nieces but he did not complain when we purchased the tickets. In the middle of the movie, however, he kept groaning, especially during scenes that no guy would have understood. One such scene is the argument between Big and Carrie about the number of guests to their wedding. Uzi is annoyed by girls who become bride monsters. He thinks Monica (FRIENDS) is hot but he hated her when she wanted to spend Chandler’s savings for an extravagant wedding. But the movie is great fun. OK, ok, I cried.

Here are some items I made last week:

Blue guitar bag for a lovely lady somewhere in Luzon.

DSC_5964.jpg picture by miwiyam


A canvas tote with a tree painting for Ling. Uzi painted the tree. Doesn’t it look like an acrylic version of a Bill Waterson? Can’t you just imagine Calvin and Hobbes sitting under that tree and discussing existential issues?

DSC_6432.jpg picture by miwiyam


I also made a couple of Piano bags. I sent them without taking pictures.

Oh yeah, I updated the shop.

I found my scissors. They were under a pile of fabrics. Cutting and sewing resumed during the weekend.