I am supposed to be cutting fabric for bags right this very moment. But my scissors are gone. I have three scissors here but they are not for fabric and if I use them, I’ll just become frustrated until I forget about doing anything productive tonight.

Blogging is productive.

I told you about Uzi’s exhibit, right? Well, I wanted something fancy to wear to the opening reception so I made myself a summer dress. Green, just like the one I made last summer. It’s becoming a pattern, I suppose. Green, surprisingly, goes well with my skin color. Unlike the summer dress I made last year, this one was simple. It’s just an empire-cut, little slip dress. I love how the stripes meet in the center of the upper bodice. It’s an SOP when sewing with patterns, I know, but I’m a retard when it comes to noticing these things so let me just bask in my non-retardness this time.

I sewed this until 12 midnight on Friday (for a total sewing time of 4 hours).  But it rained really hard during Uzi’s exhibit opening and I was not able to wear this. I would have looked laughable in this little dress, running from one drenched sidewalk to another. Besides, I didn’t want to cover this with a cardigan.

FRONT. I’m standing tiptoe. I’m too lazy to adjust the tripod.

greensummerdress08front.jpg picture by miwiyam


BACK. Oyes, I slouch. Tsk.

greensummerdress08back.jpg picture by miwiyam