I buy a lot of Japanese sewing magazines. They come with free patterns that I never use. When I took up sewing in school, making and reading patterns were the first things we learned. I haven’t exactly forgotten how to do those. I still pretty much know what part of a dress a pattern is for. But I am too lazy to include pattern-making in my sewing process. Don’t tell my teachers. Also, the patterns are too big for me. I used a sleeve pattern for my kimono dress but I had to adjust it first.

So what do I do with  the free patterns? I use them for packaging the items I sell!

pack1.jpg picture by miwiyam


I fold in the middle, leaving a 1-inch allowance.

pack3.jpg picture by miwiyam


I fold over the allowance and tape it. Then I fold and tape the bottom, too.

pack6.jpg picture by miwiyam


Instant paper bag, yay. Very economical AND green.