Last Friday, I went to the 13th Tribute to Bob Marley (Bob Fest, Mon) at Parkmall. I am not a big reggae fan. I like it the normal amount and I’ve never been known to sport the reggae colors, let alone attend a Bob Fest. However, my boyfriend and his friends were asked to showcase their street art enthusiasm and skills during the event. They were given a blank tarp to bomb. I haven’t done anything remotely grown-up yet rebellious and evil this year, so I went.

The event was held in the parking lot of the unfinished Parkmall. Everything was covered in dust and the wind sure made everything more interesting. But I didn’t complain because they made the smell of spray paint more bearable. I usually get the gag-migraine combo when I get a whiff of the stuff. I also got a whiff of something of a rolled-up nature. I can’t be sure, though. It was windy and all.

Some pictures:

DSC_5923.jpg picture by miwiyam


DSC_5916.jpg picture by miwiyam

DSC_5936.jpg picture by miwiyam


Then I had a crafty Saturday. I sewed two bags and made fifteen necklaces and bracelets. YEAH.