A month and one day ago, I bought charms from littleblackdress on etsy. I was very excited because it had taken me exactly six days to decide what to purchase with my newly enabled Paypal account. I scoured etsy high and low for such a perfect first purchase. I found littleblackdress’s store and I knew I came to the right place. Once upon a time, I made jewelry out of every little thing I could get my hands on and her store made me feel like doing it again. So I made use of these wonderful little etsy buttons labeled “ADD TO CART” and “SHOP MORE.” The purchase took a little less than a minute.

The delivery took a month. I expected the items to arrive in the Philippines in two weeks. So I started calling the local post office by the beginning of this month. But nobody would answer the telephone. I called about five times but I was never able to connect with a human being on the other line. Have you ever heard of a government office that never answers calls? When I called their other office, some worker put the phone down while I was explaining my situation. Mon Dieu! I started to get antsy but my officemates wisely told me to wait. Well, wait I did.

Finally, the notice came. Here’s a completely unrelated and possibly funny fact: the entrance of the post office’s building is submerged in flood water. It can’t flow anywhere, judging by the dark green color, sticky appearance, and fauna that’s starting to develop. Evaporation is its only way out. (“We don’t think so,” say the tropical storms that have been hitting us one after another for three weeks now.)

So, on to my first etsy purchase.

MIXED CHARMS. There are five that are already hanging from the bracelet my sister is wearing.

DSC_5959.jpg picture by miwiyam



DSC_5958.jpg picture by miwiyam


SEWING CHARMS. Of course, these are my favorites. I bought the previous batches because of this set, to save on shipping you know.

DSC_5957.jpg picture by miwiyam


Paypal is my new bestfriend.


And here is a charm a local smithie made for me.  She has a new etsy shop: strozzistawzeeh.etsy.com. Sterling silver goodness! I used black cord because I don’t like jewelry that are overly shiny.  (Special thanks to TEE for dealing with the transaction)

DSC_5962.jpg picture by miwiyam