Last week, I was in a general crafty mood as I prepared for a Midsummer Mexican party. Is it tacky to organize your own birthday party? Hmm. Who cares?  Organizing a party is a good excuse to make things.

This is how I turned VEINTE CINCO. (I am doing the becoming-a-year-older-thing today but the party took place two days earlier.)

1. Uzi made this invitation. I love the chili numbers. He’s a master photoshop person.

meyamcopycopy-1.jpg picture by miwiyam


2. I made a necklace that I normally would not wear. I’m not into loud jewelry. But this turned out cute so I may just change my personal style policy.

prep2.jpg picture by miwiyam


3. There is something therapeutic about making buntings. After the nth stapler snap and paper fold, you feel at peace.

prep7.jpg picture by miwiyam


4. I love this chili kitchen decoration I found in a dusty box in Metro Ayala. They’re made of styrofoam but the bagger girl didn’t know that. She kept squeezing them (trying to figure out what they’re made of?) while I waited for my change.

prep5.jpg picture by miwiyam


5. Shopping for kitchenware is the second kind of shopping that I enjoy. The first being book-shopping.

prep6.jpg picture by miwiyam


6. Number of balloons we pumped: about twenty. Number of balloons I burst: 5. Number of balloons Uzi filled with water and played with: 4.

prep3.jpg picture by miwiyam


7. We used cardboard boxes to make Mexican-style artwork.

prep1.jpg picture by miwiyam


 8. PARTIED and took pictures.

8.jpg picture by miwiyam

9.jpg picture by miwiyam

4.jpg picture by miwiyam

6.jpg picture by miwiyam