I believe yesterday was the anniversary of this blog. The plan was to sew like crazy during the first two weeks of April so that I can update my shop on the birthday of Bored and Crafty. Well, that didn’t happen. And right now, I’m a bit busy preparing for a fiesta (because of the whole “turning 25” thing).

I did manage to make this piano bag. I love the fabric I used for the background of this picture. It’s about more than a yard and was sold at less than Php50. It’s artsy, minimalist, elegant, and folksy. I have no idea what to use it for, though.


4.jpg picture by miwiyam


I also made guitar bags.

2.jpg picture by miwiyam

33.jpg picture by miwiyam


Hopefully, I will be able to get off my butt this week and sew a dress fit for a Mexican party.