One bad thing about living with six people and one cat in a 4-bedroom apartment is not being able to find a quiet time or place, especially during weekends. All weekend long, I said to myself that I would wake up early the next day and do yoga in our living room. Unfortunately, I never got to wake up early enough. The TV and my friends’ carefree laughter, laced with Ty’s in-his-own-world meowing greeted me every morning. I was also unlucky enough to be woken up by Ty himself one morning. I already forgot which of the three long weekend mornings because my brain was still fogged up when it happened. All I could do was sit up and frown at the stupid yellow cat that was yelling at me to get off my bed. He probably wanted a better view of the birds outside my window. 

On Sunday, I figured that I would just wait for everyone to fall asleep and do some stretches late in the night. However, I got tired waiting for them to haul their asses to their beds so I thought of another way to burn fat. I re-organized the sewing corner of my room.

The result:

craftarea.jpg picture by miwiyam

I don’t have a BEFORE picture. The three bottom layers of the metal shelf contain my fabrics. They are begging to be categorized and re-folded. The fourth level has beach-themed ceramics, a framed haiku, and my growing collection of wooden chests. This part used to house cosmetic stuff. I put vintage children’s books and other books that are nice to look at on the topmost level. The framed picture above shows a woman reading under a tree.

The picture above my sewing table is a pen drawing that Uzi made. It’s done in his trademark style of spontaneous, macabre doodles. Here is the photoshopped/colored version:

bannercopy.jpg picture by miwiyam

I know the place still looks messy but this is an improvement because now I have pretty things to look at while I sew.


Oh yeah, I’m making guitar bags. Will be selling them soon.

afternoonsewing-1.jpg picture by miwiyam