Despite my body giving up last month, I loved March because I was able to attend many art exhibits. Uzi and I were able to attend his friends’ solo exhibits (a requirement for a degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines). I loved being around fresh ideas and potentials squeezed out of  lazy yet hopeful graduating students.

Last weekend, we attended an exhibit that belonged to another level. The event was called Artlink and those who participated were  bigtime, professional artists from Manila and Cebu. Yep, millionaire art people.

3-1.jpg picture by miwiyam

It was a fun day, though. The morning was filled with lectures on basic drawing for kids, brief talks about techniques (in abstraction, if I remember correctly),  and artists showing off their skills.

 One corner of the hall had kids getting acquainted with pastel.

2-7.jpg picture by miwiyam

…the other played host to the masters. This here is Kimsoy Yap.

1-4.jpg picture by miwiyam

I took a lot of pictures of the activities that one of Uzi’s classmates asked me if I also paint. “Badly,” I thought to myself. But I just smiled at her and said, “No.” The brief exchange reminded me of what Uzi said earlier that day. He said that his classmates probably have suspicions that I have passable artistic skills because I always accompany him to exhibits and I actually look at the paintings. Most of them just atttend the events for the free dinner. 

Eh. I don’t know if I have artistic skills. However, I am fairly certain that I have fabric-cutting skills. Here’s proof:

4.jpg picture by miwiyam

Yep, I will be sewing fender bags soon. I have finished cutting fabric for the reds. Blacks and blue greens next.