I come out of hibernation to accept this wonderful award from Natalie of Papermusings

About six years ago, for our Behavior Modification class, we were told to LEARN something new for the semester. Our teacher probably thought that I was the dumbest student she has ever met because I always forgot the simple scientific fact that “humans cannot be used to stimulate behavioral change.” My appaling grade for our first quiz qiuckly squashed my dream to dominate the world through behavioral change. With me being the stimulus.

For the “Learning Something New” project, I thought about learning to draw using charcoal pencil. I did okay but I decided not to present my drawings to the class. Fortunately, about a month before the submission of our project, I saw a book on bookbinding. I couldn’t afford it so I went to National Bookstore and read the instructions every day after class. My memory was still in top shape then. I loved everything about bookbinding. I even made my notebooks for the rest of my undergraduate years. I also got a good grade for the class.

Natalie makes me want to take up bookbinding again. Her notebooks/journals are amazing. 

Now I pass on this award to the following people:

Jennifer (Creating FTW). Her creations are bizarre, adorable, spooky, whimsical, and perfectly made.

– Mirela (Cutting Edge). I wish I have her sewing skills.
– Lisa (U-Handblog). The bag lady, my hero.
– Joanna (One Red Robin). A Filipina in Australia making beautiful softies. I wish I have some way to buy toys from her.
– Megan (The Scent of Water). Wisdom and eye candy in one place.

And I guess I will be sewing again soon. Can’t wait. My brain is brimming with ideas.