Flu. I has it.

Oh why do I have to get this now?

I just wanted my Friday to be normal, ending with a date with Uzi, because he is leaving Saturday morning for Bohol with his friends. It’s 3:28 in the morning and I can’t sleep. It’s cold. Moving my musles just an inch makes me want to cry. Now, let’s all be quiet while I type here. If Uzi finds out I’m awake, I’ll get another scolding.

You push yourself too hard. You should rest. Please be nicer to your body.

He’s right, of course. People, just because you jog frequently, it doesn’t mean you are virus-resistant.

It’s 3:32. I don’t think I can sleep with these goshdarn body pains and fever. I think I’ll walk around the apartment and mark all places where I could have gotten or where the virus is making its merry home.