NOTE: I wrote this entry late Friday night but I was not able to publish it. I was away all weekend. We had a great road trip down South. Pictures coming soon.

I have been looking for freezer paper for almost a year now. People on Craftster and other craft forums recommend freezer paper for easy stenciling fun.

Well, we don’t have that here.

For this order, I used acetate to make the heart stencil. I had to cut it slooowly because my scisssors could use a day or two of sharpening. I have a sharper pair but the aliens stole them. And yes, we have an xacto knife but I have no idea how to use it. Newbie’s sentiments, I know. Well, the bag turned out great anyway.

This is a simple tote bag. One side is green, the other is pink. The color scheme reminds me of my Zen MP3 player.  


green.jpg picture by miwiyam

pink.jpg picture by miwiyam

side.jpg picture by miwiyam


Oh yeah, congratulations to Uzi for winning 3rd place at the Jose Joya Awards last Friday. I will now call you “Joya Awardee” all the time. If you guys are interested, here is his entry, Sutured Contussion