In our high school, all girls are automatically made members of an organization called Future Agricultural Homemakers of the Philippines (FAHP). Every Wednesday, all girls wear pink skirt and ribbon, not the usual blue, to signify that we belong to the organization. Aside from learning the group hymn and fueling my hatred for all things pink, I don’t think I got anything out of the group. I still have no homemaking skills.

I love pink now, though. And apparently, I enjoy sewing items one can use for more efficient homemaking. Take this apron, for example. It’s something I made for a lovely wife and mom. I hope she would be able to use it wherever she and her family end up living.

DSC_0028copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

Oh yeah, I got a DSLR last night. Just a Nikon D40. I’m still learning how to use it but Uzi has been taking nice pictures with it. It was night time when I modeled the apron but the difference in picture quality is obvious because my skin looks like caramel here. I guess that’s good.

He took the picture below today. Isn’t it something? Rainbow fluff!



Click HERE for a better version. And when you get there, you have to click the pic again to see the actual size. Deviantart is nitpicky that way.