One of the artists from my office, Isidore, held an exhibit last Friday at Turtle’s Nest Book Cafe. The place is a Spanish-era home near U.P. Cebu. It is owned by a Fine Arts graduate of the university. The first floor of the house has been converted into a small laid-back pub with books lining the walls all the way to the ceiling. The walls of one room has been painted white and used as gallery.

Isidore’s exhibit, called Palace Monsters, was political in nature but whimsical and playful in execution. It was, by far, the most fun exhibit I’ve ever been to.

Isidore (middle with cap) and people from our company.

3-1.jpg picture by miwiyam


Here are his works and our silly faces.

5-1.jpg picture by miwiyam


Rocket and monsters!

1-2.jpg picture by miwiyam


Uzi LOVED the freedom wall/guestbook. Here he is, writing my name.

4-1.jpg picture by miwiyam


When we could no longer take the cigarette smoke, we decided to leave. Lookee, my guitar bag.

2-1.jpg picture by miwiyam


Official photographer was Line. She has a food blog,