I love the word aubergine. The vegetable, not so much.

For our office Christmas party last December, I asked for “assorted threads” or “assorted buttons” from my Secret Santa. I was given all sorts of sewing goodies, including about a dozen of mint green pearl buttons. I did not know what to do with them. I thought to myself, “These would join the ranks of those trinkets I’ve kept but never use.”

On New Year’s Day, I stared at my fabric pile for a long period of time (I do this a lot) and decided to sew a kimono blouse. I chose an aubergine Lecien fabric with flower prints.  

IMG_6469.jpg picture by miwiyam
The fabric had vine-like border prints and I thought they would be perfect for the neckline and hem of the sleeves.
IMG_6473.jpg picture by miwiyam
Initially, I planned on using zipper to keep the back part of the blouse closed. But I miscalculated and ended up with a piece of clothing that I could not get into. Channeling my inner contortionist, I was able to wear the blouse. Once. I have no idea how I got out of it. Thankfully, I remembered the stash I got last Christmas. The buttons were perfect.
IMG_6484.jpg picture by miwiyam
And here I am wearing the blouse at a dinner with people from the office. It looks different under the pretty lights of the restaurant. Look, I’m slouching. What else is new?  
boredcopy.jpg picture by miwiyam
pearlbuttons.jpg picture by miwiyam