I get to sew for only about three hours each weeknight. I begin right after dinner and stop a little before midnight to jog or do a bit of yoga. That’s right, I exercise in the middle of the night. On nights when I feel that I need a break, I cut fabric for about an hour, watch CSI or FRIENDS until 11:00, then exercise. I sleep at 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning.

I expected to be madly sewing this week because I planned on updating my handmade shop this Saturday, the 19th.  Well, you know what they say about best laid plans…

January 15 – Went out to have birthday dinner with Uzi. We walked around a bit. The city is now clad in its Sinulog attire and it’s not boring as usual. We arrived home early but I spent the night in a state of anxiety. Somehow, my head and my hands were not in good terms last night. A bag pattern was perfectly laid out in my mind but I ended up cutting the fabric wrong. “Goshdarnit” (my favorite swear word right now) was the least colorful curse I uttered.

January 16 (today) – I will sew. I marked this on my calendar. But I’d probably begin late because we’re watching Balls of Fury. Christopher Walken rules.

January 17 – Sew up a storm. I will not stop until all the fabrics I have cut are assembled into recognizable purses. Now, this is probably a futile plan because we have to watch the Mindworks program in UP.

January 18 – Paint the city red with my friends from high school. Should I sew in an intoxicated state? Hmm. Nope.

January 19 (Saturday) – If it’s sunny enough, I’d take pictures of the bags that I have finished. If it’s another rainy day, I’d sleep late. I would probably be able to sew more bags in the afternoon but I don’t think I will be updating the shop on this day. Besides, with our incompetent Internet service provider (GLOBELINES, hello?), uploading pictures would take until the eve of Sinulog. Might as well enjoy the holiday and think about business some other day.


I will be updating the shop on the 25th, Friday.