…over-the-shoulder posing skills.
That would be me on the far-right. I made that dress. I hate it now. Its fate involves reconstruction.
11.jpg picture by miwiyam
Let’s move on to more interesting things. This is Leylan in the picture with me. He is using the Leica Camera bag that I made for him. It’s another collaboration with my boyfriend. We are getting the hang of these “thing-made-into-a-bag” projects. We actually have big plans regarding these kinds of bags.
2-6.jpg picture by miwiyam
Close-up pic. Sorry for the horrible picture.
IMG_6494.jpg picture by miwiyam
Another picture that shows the shiny fabric, which was pure b*tch to sew. 
Here is a link showing pictures of our meeting with the lovely Vanessa. http://mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com/2008/01/10/tack-sa-mycket/#more-570. She’s from Sweden and she bought a few bags from me.