I got a wonderful surprise yesterday afternoon when my friend, Emmich, buzzed me on Yahoo Messenger. She’s been in the United States for several months now and it really was great to be able to chat with her. She was still silly and a lot of fun

After only a few minutes of harmless gossip, she said good night. I was still having a fit of internal giggling from our chat when I receieved an e-mail from CRAFT Magazine. It said that changes to my account have been made and that I can now access the digital version of their first quarterly issue. I wanted to shriek with glee because I was fairly certain that Emmich gave me a gift subscription. (WEEEEEE!)

Here are snapshots of my digital copy:

craftfront.jpg picture by miwiyam

craftpage.jpg picture by miwiyam

craftpagea.jpg picture by miwiyam


I cannot wait to get the actual magazines. I LOVE SNIFFING PAPER.

And this is crazy-wonderful Emmich:

2-5.jpg picture by miwiyam


Thank you so much. You’re great. I still have that letter you sent me several years ago, asking me to shop for crafting supplies here in Cebu. That was the funniest letter I’ve ever received. I laugh so hard whenever I read it.

If ever you need me to hunt Carbon for other stuff, I would gladly do it.