Considering that I got Lorelai Gilmore just last year, the number of projects that I managed to finish was pretty good. I admit that there are several that have been stopped midway and forgotten but inspiration is weird that way.

The following are the projects that I hope to accomplish this year:

1. A kimono blouse. This one actually belongs to the ironed and hemmed category. I started making it on January 1 and finished it close to midnight on January 3.


 DSC_4121.jpg picture by miwiyam


2. Curtains for my bedroom windows. I already have the fabric for this. What I lack are a curtain rod and a design.

3. Jacket with a hoodie. Or a jacket with a Peter Pan collar. I’ll attempt to do this towards the end of the year. There’s no use making a jacket when summer is about to hit us.

4. A Babyangel wallet. The pattern sounds easy and the result is lovely.

5. An organizer for all the bills at our apartment. I should make this next, I suppose. This would give our place a semblance of order. WE NEED A HOUSECLEANER!

6. A softie. Any kind. Seriously, I need to know if I have softie-making skills. I think I’ll start with this Pointy Kitty by Hillary Lang.