Back in college, my friends and I had this “brilliant” idea to make and sell handmade notebooks and journals. We sold a not too shabby number of them but we eventually stopped. I have forgotten the reason. It was probably because schoolwork caught up with us. It’s not easy balancing research papers and trips downtown for craft supplies.

Several weeks ago, we had our annual holiday dinner. We are still an indecisive bunch when it comes to where to eat. I was afraid we’d end up at McDonald’s, like we always did back in college.

Joy and Lalaine

IMG_6351.jpg picture by miwiyam


Marf, yours truly, Jan

IMG_6350.jpg picture by miwiyam


Ann and Marf

IMG_6349.jpg picture by miwiyam


Jan and Joy

IMG_6348.jpg picture by miwiyam


Lalaine and Ann

IMG_6347.jpg picture by miwiyam


I wish these guys would get married and have kids soon. I am itching to sew wee dresses for wee versions of my friends.