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That’s right, I made my own fender guitar bag. Uzi has not seen it and hopefully, he’ll be delighted when he finally does, wherever he is in Manila.

Darn, I miss him.

Well, I made a tutorial for those crafting-inclined souls out there. HAPPY SEWING!  PLEASE DO NOT SELL ANY GUITAR BAG THAT YOU END UP MAKING. THANKS.

*UPDATE (Suggested by Renee heehee)

MATERIALS NEEDED: half a meter of thick fabric for the body (i used thick pink canvas for mine); fabric for the lining; fabric in contrasting color for the scratchplate; bias tape; silver-y fabric; buttons; silver thread; grosgrain for the strap; adjuster for the strap.

1. Print a guitar image onto an A4 paper. Trace your image; 2 for the body, 2 for lining, 2 for your scratchplate.

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Read the rest of this tutorial HERE.