IMG_6186.jpg picture by miwiyam


This is not a bag for carrying a guitar. This is a bag that looks like a guitar. A Fender Stratocaster to be exact.

I made this for my boyfriend. It is very small. In fact, only his PSP and a small notebook can fit inside it. His fist barely fits the opening. I offered to make a bigger version but he insisted on having a small guitar-shaped bag.

Let me just say that making this one was fun and frustrating at the same time. I winged everything, except the appearance of the guitar. We actually had to print an image from Google for that. The frustrating part was my crazy idea to finish the bag in one night. It’s been proven that the later into the night you sew, the more mistakes you make. Maybe it’s just me.

But the bag turned out really well and I cannot wait to make my own. Something in red and black. And with a bigger opening to accommodate a paperback.

P30-11-07_17136.jpg picture by miwiyam

(Image resized to make the now dirty bag look presentable. Heehee)