One of the best things about being in this handmade gig is meeting new people. That may come as a surprise because I am a bit of a social retard. Last night, I was able to meet one of my few customers, Chichi. She was very nice. I can’t believe I did not apologize for my idea to meet at SM Art Center when I knew too well that the place would be filled with people. Good thing the crowd did not swallow me.

10.jpg picture by miwiyam

People are always surprised with my tiny size when they see me in person. I guess I give off that “average size” vibe online.  

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Uzi and I were at the Art Center last night to attend the opening of Kimsoy Yap Jr’s latest exhibit, Kimsoy Images and Memories. He is incredibly good. Since the paintings did not have price tags, I was free to dream that I could afford them and hang them (with Uzi’s paintings) in my four-bedroom house/studio/library. The house part is also a dream.

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As of this moment, there is a coup d’etat going on in the capital of the Philippines. I can imagine my cousins getting annoyed with the traffic problems these recent events would cause. And that is the extent of my opinion regarding this political issue or any other political issue for that matter.

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More pictures of the stuff I made for Chichi here: