Aren’t these trimmings lovely? But look at what the state they’re in. I have lost count of the (foolish) methods I’ve used to keep my ribbons, trimmings, and grosgrains organized. Let’s see..I’ve used chop sticks, coffee stirrers, zippers. None of them proved functional. Now I’m thinking of using any of the following to keep them in order: a shoe rack, a glass holder, towel (or shower curtain) rod. Suggestions on how to organize them would be greatly appreciated.

IMG_5971.jpg picture by miwiyam


And this is a guitar bag that I’m making for my boyfriend. It’s very small, perfect for his PSP and mobile phone. Becuase, yes, those are the only things that an art student needs when attending classes. I’m very excited to make this bag but I don’t want to start without answering this question: how do I make the frets and strings? I can sew them but I’m afraid they’d unravel with constant use.

IMG_5976.jpg picture by miwiyam