Everytime I take a trip down to my supplies store near Colon Street, I always get overwhelmed by their items. My thoughts bounce between “What do I buy?” and “I gotta have everything!”

That is how I end up buying items that I never get around to using. One example would be the many meters of oversized black zipper with plastic teeth. Accidental creativity gave me this:

i.jpg picture by miwiyam

Silly little Meream did not stop with the slider. I also made chandelier-like earrings using my silver hook-and-eye.

e.jpg picture by miwiyam f.jpg picture by miwiyam

(Ghost pic heehee)

And guess what this is?

g.jpg picture by miwiyam

Yep, a hook-and-eye bracelet. I should stop before I end up making jewelry out of all my notions. Cuff bracelets made of ribbons. Bobbin earrings. Anklet made of d-rings. Oohhh…d-ring anklet…[Must make tonight].