Even before I typed my very first post, I knew that I have to have wonderful pictures in here. I was inspired by craft bloggers from other countries, such as Megan, Sally, Lisa, Amanda and many others. Just like them, I wanted my photography to express beauty in the mundane; clarity beyond what one can behold.

Woe is my boyfriend who tried extremely hard to teach me how to take decent pictures. Unfortunately, there was only so much that my pointing finger and the limited buttons of our cheap digital camera could do.

Fast forward eight months and I have this.

booties1.jpg picture by miwiyam

By far, this picture is my favorite among all the images that I have taken.

Several years ago, I had no sewing machine and I was into a different kind of blogging. Angst was my best friend and I believe that people were highly amused with my hormonal rants. I was fresh out of college, you have to forgive me.

But this — this writing about something that you have made with your own hands is much better. Ever feel a tingling sensation at the bottom of your spine when uncertainty is right in your face but you’re smiling right back at it? I feel that everytime I brew an idea for something handmade. I feel that when I bravely gather what words may suffice to compose a sentence, a paragraph, a piece of my life.

Look around, inspiration abounds.