all.jpg picture by miwiyamI will just go ahead and open my shop now even though I am still not contented with the quantity of my items. Sure, I had four free days and you’d be correct to assume that I spent my days productively. I was but in a different way. We have a pristine bathroom and a less-cluttered kitchen as proofs.

I also have a new altar above my sewing area. And yes, an altar is essential if you want to live a crafty life. Mine has a stuffed Totoro, an oil lamp (gift from Joyi), Rubber Duckie sitting on a bowl of lady bug pins, Jack’s Stones in a heart-shaped container, and a Starbucks shot-mug. I am not a fan of Starbucks; this simply represents my undying love for coffee.

altar.jpg picture by miwiyam

s5.jpg picture by miwiyamI did sew a couple of large totes. I also addressed  the overdue orders of my sister’s officemates. And I know I shouldn’t have but I also made a bag for me. This brown bag has accompanied me to Carbon and back. This has witnessed the plight of the carriage horses. This has even helped me utter a little prayer for the animals. It has paw prints and it can’t help being a bit green.

All right, on with the meager merchandise.



Click HERE if you want to see the shoulder bags. And HERE if you want to check the sling bags. My books serve as props so that you’d have an idea what the size of each bag is.

Here are thumbnail pics of the shoulder bags:

s4.jpg image by miwiyams2.jpg image by miwiyams3.jpg image by miwiyam

s1.jpg image by miwiyamp2.jpg image by miwiyamp1.jpg image by miwiyam

p4.jpg image by miwiyamp3.jpg image by miwiyam

Lone small tote: c1-1.jpg image by miwiyam


sl1.jpg image by miwiyamsl3.jpg image by miwiyamsl4.jpg image by miwiyam

sl5.jpg image by miwiyamsl2.jpg image by miwiyam

The pictures are a bit dark. The only time that the sun came out to play was when I took pictures of the Pink Squared tote and my own brown bag.  

I will be adding products to my humble shop as days pass.

Thanks for looking!