I have a new phone. I got it for free because I decided to retain my account with my old service provider. My mother, of course, viewed the transaction as a purchase and I got another lecture on frugality. Good thing I have my father to defend my hardworking butt.

My old phone was terribly battered. If there is a rescue center for phones that are being mishandled, I’d already have been arrested a long time ago. Of course, I’d just say that the battered look gives the phone character. I don’t want my new phone to suffer the same fate so I made it a little cozy. It’s a simple rectangular thing with a flap.

lg1.jpg picture by miwiyam

lg2.jpg picture by miwiyam 


We took my old phone to a repair shop to inquire how much it would cost to open its line. The conversation went something like this:

Me: How much would I pay to have the line of my Motorola e398 opened?

Store person dude: Made from?

Me: [Not getting the question. Is he asking me where the phone was made or what things were used to make it? Do i say it’s made of metal and microchips? Aren’t all phones made of microchips?] Eh?

Store person dude: [obviously thinking that I’m slow] What’s the manufacturer?

Me: Motorola. [DUH].

Store person dude: [smiling condescendingly at stupid customer] Can I just see the phone if you have it?

I hand the phone over and share a look with Uzi. A lot of people see my 5-foot frame and instantly assume that I’m a high school airhead. I hate that.