12:20 AM. Checking my favorite craft blogs and texting with Uzi.

Me: I was sewing but I broke another needle :( Now I’m just listening to Radiohead and reading blogs. 

Uzi: It’s okay. You should go to sleep now, please chickoon. Oh! I have a name for your mascot. THIMBLE-lina!


I was finally able to replace the wristlet for my sister’s officemate.

IMG_5469.jpg picture by miwiyam

Also finished a large bag for another officemate. This one was ordered last month. Yay for their patience.

IMG_5470.jpg picture by miwiyam

Man, these nurses are famous. Too bad the only fabric store that has them are out of the green version.

Sorry for the dark pictures. These were taken in the middle of the night. I command only the rain, not the sun.