I have a new banner. Uzi made it for me. He made the one before this and, well, I’m spoiled and psychotic and begged him to make me a “cuter” banner. I loved that banner but this one is definitely a keeper.

boredcopy2.jpg picture by miwiyamMy blog “mascot” is that cute little girl with a thimble for a hat. She’s silly that way. And it’s obvious that Uzi and I love Shel Silverstein. While drawing her, Uzi kept asking me if she is as cute as One-Shoed Charlie which led him to refer to her as Charla. I am not fond of the name, so let’s just call her Thimble Girl.

Thimble Girl turned out to be way cuter than Charlie. She’s such a little imp, I could eat her! This officially disproves Uzi’s delusion that he can’t draw anything cutesy. He can draw all sorts of cute, actually. You should see his doodles all over our sketch pads. Not only does he create things that elicit a squeal from me, he also draws things that make people go “Whoah. He’s good. I’m not worthy,” or “F*ck. That’s some great sh*t.” Seriously, people have said the previous sentence about his work.

He paints. 

uziwatercolorwoods.jpg picture by miwiyam

(He wasted time teaching me watercolor painting.)


He takes wonderful pictures.


He has killer digital art skills.


He can do amazing things with a cheap ballpoint pen.



My mitten boy. He’s an inspiration.


Oh yeah, please do not copy these photographs without my permission.