I have just finished sewing the big totes for Kaith. However, I have no time to rest because I have more bags to make for my sister’s workmates.

This is the bag that my sister stole and shamelessly pimped at her office, contributing to the onslaught of orders. 

IMG_5030-1.jpg picture by miwiyam

And this one was shipped off to my mother. I also sent her the “Sunny Side Up – Rice Field” bag. The feedback that I got was, Thanks for the bags. They match my Monday and Tuesday uniforms. (She’s a university professor and that statement was an oh-so-subtle attempt to force me to make her bags that would match her Wednesday and Thursday uniforms. Fridays are washdays.)

IMG_5038.jpg picture by miwiyam

And this brown one I made for me, initially. But it turned out too cute that I don’t want to make it dirty. It’s made of this beautiful Japanese linen with prints of cats and washed-out city buildings. I cut the fabric in a way that would take advantage of the prints’ horizontal pattern. I even used my favorite glossy and thick brown fabric for the lining.  This one will have to find a new home soon or it will become another dust magnet in my room.

IMG_5178.jpg picture by miwiyam