Growing up, I annoyed (unintentionally, of course) my mother with my chronic inability to replace container caps or shut doors that I’ve opened. I have outgrown that illness, I’m sure. However, the forgetfulness has morphed into an unconscious propensity for trivial destructions.

About a week ago, I had the lenses of my glasses changed. My old lenses looked like our cat had a field day with it. A day after I collected my glasses from the optical shop, I notice a scratch on the right lens. How predictable.

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Everytime I go to Ayala, I find myself buying things with this thought in my head: “Oh, I would make a (insert anything here) with this.” or “I bet this would make a great (insert anything here as well).” However, I seldom end up making those things. That is how I came to own these bear-shaped buttons. Or hair accessories? I’m not sure and I don’t remember what it was that I intended to make when I bought them.

IMG_4982.jpg image by miwiyam IMG_4984.jpg image by miwiyam

Years later, I finally found some use for them. Buttons for bibs!

IMG_4981.jpg picture by miwiyam

IMG_4983.jpg picture by miwiyam

IMG_4985.jpg picture by miwiyam

And the fabric matches the buttons, too. I got some duck-shaped buttons left. All I have to do now is find some fabric with ducks.

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I think it also annoyed my mother when I would leave a big heap of mess on and around our sewing machine everytime I was in a crafty mood.

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