These are things that go into making a perfect day:

1. serendipitous shopping,

2. bread stix dipped in strong coffee,

3. finishing a good book,

4. advil,

5. rain falling in torrents,

6. and sitting inside a warm cafe, near a large glass window with the person you love, watching the rain turn everything into silvery blurs.

My perfect day, however, did not start until after I took an advil to ward off an unrelenting headache and headed to the fabric section of Metro Ayala. To my wonderful surprise, they were selling scraps of Japanese fabric! In all honesty, I have seen these kinds of fabrics only on the Internet, being transformed by my favorite crafts bloggers from other parts of the world into many wonderful things. Before yesterday, I could only wish to hold such pretty fabrics in my hands.

With a heavy heart, I bought only the ones that I really really really wanted. *sigh*

from Mrs. March’s Collection (in Antique)

It’s so beautiful. I’m thinking of making a blouse…bluedots.jpg picture by miwiyam

from the Kyo Yasai Collection

This is freaking adorable. pea.jpg picture by miwiyam

from the curu curu fabric

I stared at this for hours! I remember saying, “I will love this fabric forever.” While trying to figure out what kind of bag to make from this, I carried it around. I flipped over my crafting books and at random times, hugged this fabric. Yes, this fabric owns me. Owns me good. curucuru.jpg picture by miwiyam

Can’t wait to finish my bag.