Lorelai and I have been very busy lately, making itty bitty things.

We made wristlets two nights ago and here is a tutorial. I’ll probably make more. I’ll give some to my Mom who asked me months ago to make her and her friends cosmetic bags. I’ll sell some in here, too.

IMG_4980.jpg picture by miwiyam

1. Materials.

a. Zipper

b. Strip (1″ x 12″) for handle.

c. Outer fabric of bag. 5″ x 7″. Do not forget allowance.

d. Lining. 5″ x 7″. Again, do not forget allowance.

IMG_4956.jpg picture by miwiyam

2. Lay out your lining (right side up), zipper (right side up) and outer fabric (wrong side up) on top of each other. IMG_4959.jpg picture by miwiyam

3. Pin and sew. IMG_4960.jpg picture by miwiyam

Read the rest of the tutorial HERE.