Over the long weekend, I made this book bag for a nice lady in Manila. She wanted paper side panels and a dark cover.

I loved working on this book bag. For the side panels, I used some of the pages from the King Arthur book. The illustrations matched the title and style of the cover, thankfully.

SPINE. Lady in golden bronze print.

 IMG_4851.jpg picture by miwiyam


FRONT. It has an imprint of a tree. It’s there if you look closely. You can also see the lock that I used. It’s a flower button in black, cream, and pale gold.

IMG_4849.jpg picture by miwiyam


 SIDE. Lady Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

IMG_4845.jpg picture by miwiyam


SIDE. Sir Lancelot slaying something.

IMG_4844.jpg picture by miwiyam


INTERNAL SIDE PANEL. A page on the search for the Holy Grail or something.

IMG_4850.jpg picture by miwiyam

I’ll be sending this to its owner tomorrow. Hope she likes it.

And that’s my new sketch pad making a cameo appearance. I bought it for my watercolor lessons. Because I’m ambitious and delusional. Haha.