That’s right, Christmas day is August 15.

August 15 is the first day of National Bookstore’s yearly month-long sale. Luckily, Uzi and I were in Ayala last August 15 for the first screening of the Bourne Ultimatum. We decided to wait for the movie to start at National Bookstore. That, I think, was probably the best decision we’ve ever made.

I bought five books [with a combined price of about P2,000] for only P750! Five books at 65% off and one at 40% off.

A day later, I went to the Mango branch of National Bookstore determined to buy a book on crafting. I was hoping that I’d run into a copy of Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing as I saw one in Ayala. Unfortunately, the Mango branch doesn’t have the book. I ended up buying The Silver Chair and a Japanese craft book on making things out of wet and painted tissue paper. Fun.

IMG_4648.jpg picture by miwiyam

IMG_4649.jpg picture by miwiyam

IMG_4650.jpg picture by miwiyam

Last Saturday, we went to SM to attend the opening of a local artirts’s (Uzi’s teacher) latest exhibit and to buy more cheap books.  I got The Beloved and The Wonder Spot. Still no Amy Karol. No worries, I will make another rotation or two of the bookstores before September 16.

Regarding the art lessons, I’ll write about that some other time.