For a self-proclaimed witch, I am very short-sighted when it comes to the little changes in my own life. I don’t know exactly this happened but I have morphed from a girl who lived comfortably in her tattered leather Chuck Taylor’s to someone who would scour the malls for the perfect pair of boots for hours on end. I have changed from a girl who never ran out of excuses to wear jeans all the time to someone who would find any excuse to wear a mini skirt.

I blame the moon. And the end of the Harry Potter series.

So, now that I  have things to blame for my overdue “growing up,” I would like to mention another thing I made (wanted for so long, and is now using) that is very un-Meream*-like, a shoulder bag.

IMG_4616.jpg picture by miwiyam

That patterned red fabric used to be a pair of canvass hobo pants from Freeway. I reconstructed it to a skirt. And now it’s part of my new bag! The bag closes with a magnetic snap and has a tiny pocket inside.

Lining and contents (eyeglasses, book, sketch pad, wallet, mobile phone, keys, face powder, lip gloss, eyeliner, sunglasses, pen, tictacs).

IMG_4618.jpg picture by miwiyam

ACTION SHOT (or excuse to show off my cute nail polish).

IMG_4621.jpg picture by miwiyam

I want to make more! But how many bags does a girl need?

Oh yeah, I should mention that I spent weeks agonizing over the design of my shoulder bag. Then I saw this and I was inspired. That Lisa sure is a genius.  

*Meream is my real name. FYI.