I made a reusable shopping bag for this challenge at Craftster. I know that it looks uninspired but I have a story.

One day, Ms. Sunshine was walking along a park. She was just a simple little tote, you see, but trust me, there was no one as cheery. She loves flowers and fluffy clouds and rainbows. She loves fishies and friends and marshmallows. But then she saw a message by the side of a road. It made her think. It made her sad. Ms. Sunshine, however, knew what she had to do. She went home and wrote the message on her lovely front. Her fingers are not the steadiest of all, ’tis why what she wrote may look as crooked as a hungry Troll. It does not matter. Ms. Sunshine is doing her part because she loves flowers and clouds and rainbows and marshmallows and fishies andĀ friends most of all.

[I attached a wrapped pin box to the handle. A garter wraps around this box. This is where receipts can be inserted so that you will not be accused of shoplifting.]