Sometimes, you can spend days and days looking for a particular item and you’d find it in the shopping mall that you thought would not possibly have the item that you want. This is how I found my bikini. It just goes to show that open-mindedness has its rewards.

That and willingness to spend almost an hour in a hot and dusty jeepney. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of these jeepneys. They are always fun to look at and, often, I would write in my head a poem or two on long jeepney rides.


On the same serendipitous (yikes, big word) shopping trip, I found a copy of Linda Everett’s Retro Barbecue at a second-hand bookstore. I haven’t had time to check the recipes because I’m just mesmerized by the pictures (retro and all-American pop art). What fun!




The book also has fun trivia and simple but cute illustrations to go along with the recipes and chapter headers.

This funny little man contemplating his weighing scale for the chapter on desserts.



I also found an old book (printed in 1976) on CHEESE & EGGS. What food combination could be better than this? I’m salivating over the pictures as well.









It’s a good thing that I’m a bit of a retard when it  comes to cooking and I buy cook books just to look at the pretty pictures. If not, the bikini search would have been a pointless quest.